Robert L. Shook

Best-selling author Robert L. Shook has written 57 books. He specializes
in non-fiction writing, primarily business-related books. During his
career, he has interviewed thousands of individuals, including a wide
variety of high-profile people. Robert L. Shook's books are
available in your city. Wikipedia

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John Voso, Jr - The Pep Talk

"Dr. Kevin Elko and Bob Shook will become household names with this book. The message is simple and the implementation is easier. The Pep Talk like Suzann's Diary for Nicholas, The One Minute Manager and Raving Fans have the ingredients to give the reader a better perspective for every aspect of your life. It is a one sitting read that will make you feel good, look at every underdog and give them a chance and encourage you to accomplish your next endeavor no matter how outrageaous. It is also a book that you will want to share with family and friends young and old."

Herbert R. Brown - Heart & Soul

"Robert L. Shook has assembled a collection of five American companies and has written extensive essays about the things they do that make them outstanding corporate citizens as well as successful enterprises. And because these companies are caring, they win the long term loyalty of customers and employees. It's a manual aimed right at the heart of the business model that is so focused on the bottom line that it neglects the best interests of customers and employees. The book illustrates how doing good for others is not only the right thing to do but great for business. It should be required reading at every business school."

Millard Cummins - Miracle Medicines

"Miracle Medicines, surely author Shook's best work to date, is the mostly unknown story of the years of time, huge effort, single minded dedication by very bright people, and enormous monetary resources and corporate conviction required to bring a successful drug to their ultimate purpose of helping patients. I was particularly struck by the discouraging odds against any one formulation. 'In general terms, 10,000 new ideas are needed to create 10 workable trial drugs that will yield 1 that gets successfully to the market.' "